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Today, the vast majority of purchases are made with some form of credit, most arranged through the selling dealer. Dealer financing offers a number of advantages:


- The convenience of one-stop shopping.

- Competitive rates.

- Access to multiple sources for credit.

- Access to exclusive financial incentive programs from the manufactures.


The process of applying for credit can be somewhat unnerving, but a few hours invested in getting familiar with the process can help you reduce the anxiety. When you apply for credit, you will be asked to complete a credit application. The bank or dealership will obtain a copy of your credit report, which contains information about your current and past credit obligations and payment history and data from public records, such as any court records.


Scoville-Meno helps car buyers secure credit by maintaining direct relationships with banks, finance companies and credit unions. Because of the amount of business Scoville-Meno does with finance sources, our familiarity with local and national lending policies and because of our multiple finance sources, we not only offer competitive rates, but are usually able to negotiate better terms for a customer than the customer would be able to negotiate for themselves.


We also offer a Special Finance Program, where we respect the credit challenged customer. We at Scoville-Meno understand that the special finance segment exists and is growing for many reasons, but principally bad things happen to good people. We respect the credit challenged customer. In addition, shifting economics and employment patterns have caused skilled and educated people to be laid off in traditionally stable industries.


We are committed to securing you the most favorable credit terms to enable you to return to our dealerships for your next vehicle.


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